June 16th

Hello everyone,

I wanted to apologize for the site being down. We experienced an error in the coding, which displayed error messages when trying to access the site. I have fixed the issues, and the site is back online. The one downside is we lost the guestbook entries we had. I encourage you to post on our guestbook again or for the first time.

May 13th

Good morning! I have reworked the navigational menus to support the addition of more pages. I have also added a “features” section as well as a guestbook for people to sign if they wish.

2:52 PM EST – Added additional placeholders for pages coming soon.

3:00 PM EST – Created Quick History page.

3:16 PM EST – Updated disclaimer page with minor edits/added contact form link.

10:00 PM EST – Added Store 213 images.

Site Launch

I am happy to announce the official return of the Hillsstores.com website. It has been offline far too long, but I am pleased to bring it back to life. My passion for this now-defunct store of a bygone era has transformed my life in many ways and I am very thankful for that.

As far as the site goes, although it has officially launched I am working out the kinks and will be adding things as I go along. Please hang in there and stay tuned for what’s next. Lastly, please contact me through the “contact” page if you have any Hills content you would like to share or if you see something on the site that belongs to you so I can add the proper credit. Thank you so much for visiting!